With Brandon and Daren

A dive into culture, religion, arts, philosophy, and theology
through the eyes of two black, believing brothers from Baltimore.

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Why Black
and Blurred?

The World is ever devolving, and the truth is becoming more and more blurred. One aspect of truth that has been blurred in perpetuity is “blackness”. What is it? Is it monolithic? Who is included? Can you lose it?

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Technical Difficulties: Student Loans, Trump Raid and Blurred Bishops

You know the saying…”when life hands you lemons…”. With our studio equipment putting a damper in our second installment of the Biblical Manhood series, we didn’t want to leave you without an episode, so today we give our thoughts on some things that have been circulating the internet…

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Discussing 'What is a Woman' with Monique Duson

Matt Walsh’s ‘What is a Woman’ is still trending for its brilliance in highlighting the psychological failings of a lot of what is being propagated as hope for many people.

What People are Saying

I love love love this podcast! I always listen while working out (only place I can give my undecided attention as a mom). I laugh, cry, and think deeply with these guys. But most of all I hear the gospel saturated in everything they discuss. Keep it up!
I absolutely love this podcast! It’s an effortless display of how much humanity exists in believer and unbelievers alike. You will not be disappointed, every week it gets ever better!
Keep it going! Here’s to more episodes shining light in this dark world!
I don't agree with verything you guys say but it is refreshing to hear a fresh perspective based off of your own thoughts rather than rhetoric from media and news channels. Great podcast
The Guy with the broken bag
I’ve been very encouraged by this podcast so far! I’m so grateful for these men who are committed to Biblical Truth and love. Their voices are desperately needed in our culture and in this particular time! May God continue to bless you both as you glorify God! Hoping this podcast continues reach more and more people!! Thank you for the edifying content!! 🙌
I'm not typically a podcast listener but really appreciate hearing Brandon and Daren's perspectives.
Joy E Harris

Meet Your Hosts

Brandon, the older brother is burdened with shining light on lies that Christians believe. He, as a former nominal Christian, is called to minister to churchgoers who may be Christian in name only.

He loves apologetics and theology. He has a Master of Arts in ministry leadership from Lancaster Bible College. He loves sports, movies, and deep conversations that are geared toward discovering the truth.

He currently serves as a Student Ministry Director and preaches at a church in Silver Spring, MD. He married his bride, Tulani in 2015 and they have 2 boys (ages 5 mos. and 20 mos.).


Brandon Smith

Daren, the younger brother, has fallen in love with every hobby he’s had, making him a jack of all trades. He is a professional, master groomer and runs a dog grooming business with his wife, Holly called Scratch ‘n Smith. He loves learning about God through horticulture. 

He loves farming, building, and playing music. He has served as a worship leader for over 10 years and currently serves in Silver Spring with Brandon. He has 3 children (a daughter, a son, and a stepson).

Blog Writer

Hilda Bih Muluh is a journalist and broadcaster who has worked for close to fifteen years in her native country, Cameroon.

At a young age, she was discovered to have a condition later diagnosed as Muscular Dystrophy. Today, she uses a wheelchair and credits the Gospel of Jesus Christ with saving and giving her a true sense of worth in a culture that regards persons living with disability differently.

Her passion to share this Good News of hope with others led her to start The Esther Project Cameroon in 2014, to encourage the most vulnerable to live out their God-given potential. Hilda is a mouth painter, singer and writer, using her voice to bless and to spur others into finding their purpose.