Why Black and Blurred?

The World is ever devolving, and the truth is becoming more and more blurred. One aspect of truth that has been blurred in perpetuity is “blackness”. What is it? Is it monolithic? Who is included? Can you lose it? Growing up in West Baltimore City, Brandon and Daren saw the realities of ‘blackness’ in America. There is beauty, there are bruises and there are self-inflicted bruises; something that can be said about the entire country of America. Another aspect that serves in microcosmic form is diversity. That diversity of culture, religion and diversity of thought is hidden from mainstream America in the fraudulent name of justice. This tragic dismemberment of American principles attacks more than ethnicity but also, nationality, sexuality, and camaraderie amongst fellow Americans. Black and Blurred want to bring clarity back to personhood through the lens of good news – genuinely good news. That good news collides face to face with the harsh realities of this world – racism, classism, sexism, politics, and culture. We want to remove the blurriness with the truth – and the Truth is a person.

Meet Your Hosts

Brandon, the older brother is burdened with shining light on lies that Christians believe. He, as a former nominal Christian, is called to minister to churchgoers who may be Christian in name only.

He loves apologetics and theology. He has a Master of Arts in ministry leadership from Lancaster Bible College. He loves sports, movies, and deep conversations that are geared toward discovering the truth.

He currently serves as a Student Ministry Director and preaches at a church in Silver Spring, MD. He married his bride, Tulani in 2015 and they have 2 boys (ages 5 mos. and 20 mos.).


Brandon Smith

Daren, the younger brother, has fallen in love with every hobby he’s had, making him a jack of all trades. He is a professional, master groomer and runs a dog grooming business with his wife, Holly called Scratch ‘n Smith. He loves learning about God through horticulture. 

He loves farming, building, and playing music. He has served as a worship leader for over 10 years and currently serves in Silver Spring with Brandon. He has 3 children (a daughter, a son, and a stepson).

What People Say

Sounds like y’all are having fun and I enjoyed getting to know you! Keep it up. Also best sounding first podcast from a podcast without sponsors. PSA: I enjoy statistics phrased in the style of sports announcers.
Enjoying the pod. Love to hear two brothers dissecting life together (and when I say brothers, I mean it the way black people use it — I think it’s more meaningful that way) dissecting life together, being real, sharing stories and real time perspectives. Also appreciate Daren calling Brandon out on the whole backstory about how he got pneumonia. Looking forward to the more episodes!
Totally enjoy listening to these 2 brothers Their perspective on life is real. Love the humor! Well this is who they are. Great listening. Love you guys.
Bmore bully
It’s refreshing to hear real conversations that people are afraid to have. Keep up the great work!
I must say, y’all were really passionate about the hot sauce.. lol Enjoyed hearing the perspective of minorities from a different culture, especially the transformative mindset of Danny and Eric’s parents.
Great listen. Two thoughtful guys on many topics. I might even listen to an episode with an LFD Andalusian Bull.